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Cornice Moldings

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Spectis Plain cornice mouldings, also called cornices, are normally used to decorate ceilings. Sometimes spectis cornices are used as furniture pieces or for decorative and ornamental purposes.

Spectis Molders prides itself in offering cornice molding products of various specifications in both contemporary and classical patterns. The mouldings are all manufactured to provide sharp reliefs, quality finishes and consistent dimensions. 

Panel Mouldings

Spectis Panel mouldings are very versatile in their usage and they have several different types like chair rail, base board, wainscoting, skirting board. Panel Molding can be used to decorate walls, ceilings, doorways & windows to form beautiful outlines. They can also be assembled to create mirror and picture frames.Spectis Panel moldings come in many different [...]

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Adding Crown Moulding to your space

“OMG... Look at the crown molding!” – is absolutely all you hear when a home has this miraculous value additive. It doesn’t matter if the home is shabby, it doesn’t matter if the home is cluttered, in the buyers mind, if your home has Spectis crown molding it is LUXURIOUS! So why wouldn’t you go [...]

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Using Moldings to enhance you home

Bring Back the CharmSometimes beautiful old house details are swapped out for trendy design, and newly-built homes can lack the character of trim and custom millwork altogether. If the architectural details of yesteryear are what you crave, get the look for less with some Spectis Moulding.Putting up spectis crown molding, installing beadboard wainscoting, and creating [...]

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All of Our Spectis Products Right Here

Product Name Product Code/SKU Product URL Product Image Spectis 4" Acorn AC 100 or ac100 AC100 http://spectiscatalog.com/spectis-acorn-ac-100-or-ac100/http://spectiscatalog.com/spectis-acorn-ac-100-or-ac100/   http://spectiscatalog.com/product_images/a/461/AC100___56141__44683.jpg Spectis 15.75" Acorn AC 1416 or ac1416 AC1416 http://spectiscatalog.com/spectis-acorn-ac-1416-or-ac1416/ http://spectiscatalog.com/product_images/a/114/AC1416___21131__49060.jpg Spectis 4.5" Acorn AC 49f or ac49f AC49F http://spectiscatalog.com/spectis-acorn-ac-49f-or-ac49f/ http://spectiscatalog.com/product_images/h/506/AC49___13533__42309.jpg Spectis 4.5" Acorn Half AC 49H or ac49h AC49H http://spectiscatalog.com/spectis-acorn-half-ac-49h-or-ac49h/ http://spectiscatalog.com/product_images/u/869/AC49H___82314__63011.jpg Spectis 6-5/8" Acorn AC 611F or ac611f AC611F http://spectiscatalog.com/spectis-acorn-ac-611f-or-ac611f/ http://spectiscatalog.com/product_images/f/772/ac611f__35824__42802.jpg Spectis Acorn AC 611H or ac611h AC611H http://spectiscatalog.com/spectis-acorn-ac-611h-or-ac611h/ http://spectiscatalog.com/product_images/i/265/AC611H___62299__10944.jpg Spectis 29" Acorn 29 or acorn29 ACORN29 http://spectiscatalog.com/spectis-acorn-29-or-acorn29/ http://spectiscatalog.com/product_images/c/905/ACORN29___92712__98732.jpg PL Premium Adhesive PLP 100 ADH100 http://spectiscatalog.com/ADH100/ http://spectiscatalog.com/product_images/z/369/pl400__69921__08777.jpg Spectis Finish Putty [...]

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Artisans and Spectis

ITALIAN ARTISANSThe origins of craftsmanship and human genius’ like Leonardo da Vinci eventually lead to an understanding of European and international markets. The Italian artisan path ultimately led to America. Here, these craftsmen created a vast collection of public and private building elements and artifacts in the form of frescos, stained glass, mosaics, mouldings and sculptural-structural elements – each meticulously made [...]

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